Welcome to KidsFact

KidsFACT is a nonprofit support group created by GI for Kids, PLLC for those diagnosed with pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and their family members.

KidsFACT wants to keep patients informed about the latest medical, dietary, and psychological advances and recommendations for those suffering from this disease.

Over the years, our practice has been seeing more and more patients from Tennessee and the surrounding states with IBD, making our center one of the largest IBD clinics in the nation and especially in our geographic location. As the number of children we treat with IBD has continued to grow, we thought it was imperative to establish a support group for those patients and families that deal with the disease daily. Therefore, Dr. Al-Tawil created a non-profit organization, KidsFACT (Kids Fighting Against Crohn’s and Colitis Together), for this purpose.

To obtain further information concerning IBD, please visit our clinic’s website : giforkids.com.

Mission Statement

KidsFACT is dedicated to making strides towards an improved quality of life for those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (includes both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) and to advancing knowledge in order to contribute to better treatments and ultimately a cure. KidsFACT supports and promotes these endeavors through education, family support, and research.