KidFACT Board Members are a group of passionate parents, patients, and medical providers who are all affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease in some way. Our board members want to reach out to other families who are affected by IBD and provide support. The support could be as much as an email, call or text just letting you know that we care and know what you are going through. Our board members have listed their contact information because they want you to contact them in order to provide support, advice, or just a listening ear when you are in need.

Youhanna Al-Tawil

Medical Director of GI for Kids

office (865) 549-3998

Stephanie Bruch

Board Member and Jillian’s Mom from Blount County
home (865)-233-2571
cell (865)-300-2118

Kim Cook

Board Member and Maggie’s Mom from Morristown, Tn
home (423) 586-8592
cell (423) 327-9901

Andrew & Chrissy Irvine

Parent Board Members

Andrew –>
Chrissy –>

Kriston Ramsey

Board Member and Past Patient at GI for Kids
cell (865) 803-6873

Penny Ramsey

Past President & Mother of Kriston – Sevier County, TN . home (865) 567-2326 . cell (865) 428-5939

Lynn Raymond

President and Parent of Matthew
home (865) 470-9123
cell (865) 297-2931

Charlene & Tracy Widner

Treasurer and Parents of Dalton

Charlene –
cell (865) 898-9243

Tracy –
cell (865) 548-5326

Chelsea Watkins

Board Member and Pediatric Nurse at GI For Kids
phone (865) 546-3998

Christi Oliver

Board Member and Nurse/Practice Manager for GI For Kids
phone: (865) 564-3998

Lacey McKinney

Board Member & Infusion Nurse at GI For Kids
phone (865) 546-3998